Our Goal


Fally's Care = To Want Care
We came about to bring joy to your day.
During ​our time spent on earth, we encounter various situations that are either good or bad. Many of us tend to linger on the negative rather than the positive. We want those who get sad, angry, or just frustrated to have a place and a product that reflects joy and relieves their stress even for a sec.


Although we're full of humor; the R&D we put into our products isn't. We use ingredients that are healthy, healing, and safe for the skin. We carefully formulate our  products for various skin types to help build a barrier that will protect your skin from the harsh effects of the environment. We want you to see results and we're committed to it. ​


The green-way is the clean-way.

We are working on ways to increase our sustainability efforts and to reduce our carbon footprint on this wonderful place we call home. Currently, our lip balm tubes are made from plastic #5 tubes which are BPA - free allowing you to recycle them anywhere. As our community grows we'll increase our efforts in being a more environmental companion to you.


We take feedback very seriously, so let us hear your voice either through our social media, comment sections, or a quick email.

Our products are for the community of people that are looking for a peace of mind and a healthy skincare option which will make you smile and look/feel good at the same time.